Ying Yang Grits – Huitlacoche and Cheese Grits

Ying Yang Grits – Blue Corn Huitlacoche and Garlic Cheese Grits

A fun and unusual way to present a traditional cheese grits and introduce the musty indigenous flavor of huitlacoche. Corn fungus and corn grits are a natural compliment. Everyone will wonder what is that unique flavors and how did you get the dark blue color. This dish can add an international philosophical twist as a side dish at Thanksgiving with itsĀ  indigenous corn ingredients.

I like making the grits in a lidded clay pot because I find the moisture seems seems to plump up the grits and cook them slowly to offer a very creamy texture. I used a chamba olla.

You can do a similar dish presentation with Purple and White Mash potatoes too.

Vegetarian friendly.

For vegans you could omit the cheese and butter and have a tasty dish as well.


Please share your favorite recipes and experience cooking with clay cookware from around the world.