Electric vs Gas Stoves for your La Chamba Cookware

I use La Chamba blackware pottery from Columbia almost everyday in my cooking and I can assure you if you are using a quality La Chamba product you can place it directly on the gas stove with little or no worries. I use in in the oven and microwave as well.

cast iron heat defusser                 Copper stovetop diffusser

I have not personally used this cookware on an electric stove, but I hear on good authority that you should use a diffuser. Here are some types of diffusers I have found on the web, including a very attractive copper options. Most cost between $10 and $2o. A good tool to have around to cook on gas or electric stoves.

http://www.kitchenkapers.com/heat-diffusers.html  cast iron, and other types

http://bellacopper.stores.yahoo.net/   copper diffuser


  1. pipetrigger says:

    i have an electric stove and i like to use a diffuser, but the only problem i’ve had with it is that others in the house tend to put things down on my stove before it cools and while i’m eating no less. Is there any products to help protect my plastic ware.

  2. I haven’t been able to find anything that helps against plastic ware, but maybe if we put your comment out there others can share suggestions. You might want to inquire to your stove manufacture. They might have some child safety options that would work for you.

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