Can you grilling a Steak in a clay pan?

You may wonder if you can grill a steak on the stove top in a clay pan? We heard it could be done. So Michael Barker of La Vida Verde and myself,  Nathalie Herling of Creative Clay Cooking, put La Chamba to the test!

We bought a nice simple cut of Beef Tenderloin.

Now I have to stop and tell you about the fabulous seasoning… At the New York Gift show I had the  opportunity to meet the owner of the  The Giraffe Global Gallery, Priscilla  This woman exudes fun and adventure.  So it was no surprise that in her purse she held a special concoction of her store’s own blend of Hawaiian Red, Himalayan Pink, French Sea Salt, an Alder Smoked Salt from Oregon, and a little Molokai Black Salt.   Wow… salt will never be the same for me. I tasted it on the spot – what a wonderful smokey blend. Priscilla told me she travels everywhere with it.  I am a spare salt user… yet my taste buds were so awakened and impressed by the complexity of flavors her salt offered.  She filled a little piece of plastic I scronged up with the treasured salt… made me feel like an ancient trader getting the precious preserving salt of life… a cultural time warp having this West Coast valued salt offered in friendship…  Next I MUST try the coffee this woman also never travels without, got to be incredible.  Priscilla sales her salt blend on her website Also watch for her clever one pot stove to table Spinach Salad… to follow on this blog shortly.

Michael wisely suggested we save this unique salt for the Steak. Now for our experiment. Grilling Steak in La Chamba. I selected my favorite, what is commonly called a baking dish but I use as a skillet.

La Chamba Baking Dishes, skillets

Michael chopped up some shallots and garlic for sauting in the pan with a light touch of olive oil.

He seasoned the meat with the special “Giraffe Salt”,  some coarse ground pepper and places it in the sizzling La Chamba clay pan. It worked perfectly. He cooked each side until nicely medium rare.  Drizzled the pan drippings over the meat and cut into small slices that we proceeded to quickly, divinely enjoyed.

Browned fillet minon steak in a La Chamba baking pan.

I can say with good authority that La Chamba is GREAT for sauting/grilling whatever you want to call it… for creating a lovely steak.


  1. steaks says:

    This is a new way of preparing Steaks-in a clay pan. Let’s see if we can get a different taste with this or not.

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